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BASKnickerbocker Inc. ("BAS") is an integrated media and entertainment company based in Albany, New York with satellite locations located in New York, Washington, and Los Angeles. With four brands (Knickerbocker Events & Entertainment (KE&E), BAS News, URBIO, and Sunbear Design & Media), BAS is a media company with a community focus.

Each of our units has a decidedly community involvement approach. With KE&E, the Knickerbocker Film Festival provides an outlet for filmmakers in New York's Capital Region each winter. BAS News provides coverage of events that don't make it on the radar of mainstream media. Sunbear Design & Media provides media counsel and web development to non-profits, small businesses, and campaigns, with URBIO set to change the landscape of online media distribution in 2012.


BASKnickerbocker Inc. was founded on November 22, 2006, but its roots were formed from the development of Valley Voice Media in December 2005.

Joseph M. Bonilla Jr. and Joseph A. Alindato co-founded Valley Voice Media on December 22, 2005 as a community newspaper organization distributing the Valley Voice and the Knickerbocker Ledger in New York's Capital Region. In addition to producing the news outlets, Valley Voice Media created a short motion picture unit named Knickerbocker Pictures in May of 2006.

In September 2006, Antwuan M. Sims, a friend of both Alindato and Bonilla, joined the organization for business development. It was then decided that in order to grow the organization, Valley Voice Media needed to refocus and incorporate. On November 22, 2006, Bonilla, Alindato, and Sims filed in Albany County to become BASKnickerbocker Inc.

The new company organized its first Board of Directors meeting on December 22, 2006, with Bonilla the initial Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer, Sims now President and Chief Operating Officer, and Alindato as Vice President of Creative Development and Chief Media Officer.

Since then, BASKnickerbocker Inc. has grown to include 12 dynamic employees, an independent board of directors, four units, a well-regarded news reporting outlet, dozens of websites managed and hosted, a film festival, an open mic series, theatrical productions, band management, and television productions (talk show and sitcom). What was originally thought up as a community news organization for just the Capital Region has become a media and information powerhouse for the Northeast.

Because that's what challenging tomorrow is all about.



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